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Howard Sandroff (USA)

American composer and sound artist. Howard Sandroff’s concert works, written for soloists, mixed chamber ensembles and orchestra, often include live or pre-recorded electronics and have been performed, recorded and broadcast by major arts organizations throughout the world including the Aspen Music Festival, International Computer Music Conference in Ohio, Cuba and Singapore, the International Society of Electronic Arts, the Musik Factory in Bergen and the Ultima Festival in Oslo, Norway, the M-Cluster festival at the Berlin Academy of Art, the Week of Contemporary Music in Bucharest and I.R.C.A.M at the Pompidou Center in Paris. Recordings of his compositions are available on releases from Koch International, Centaur, Helicon, Arizona University Recordings, Virgin Classics and Capstone Records.


In the early 2000’s Sandroff began sculpting in welded steel and has expanded that medium to include his interest in computer-controlled interactive sound installations and robotics. These works bear an uncanny aesthetic consistency with his compositions in that they are characterized by extreme economy of material and complexity, which is not borne of evolutionary development and his interest in arresting time and space. Sandroff likens his musical compositions to mobiles, a collection of fixed elements that are continually changing their association with other fixed elements. He is presently Professor of Sound Art at Columbia College of Chicago and Senior Lecturer in Composition and Director of the Computer Music Studio at The University of Chicago Department of Music.